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CCC Presents What’s Up with Joe? #1

A new concept with our newest contributor.

I am actually a bit sick, not sure what but my voice is a bit shot. And the other guys got jammed with scheduling, so we were really concerned we wouldn’t get many more episodes out this week.

In steps our newest contributor Joe! Joe took on the difficult role of a solo podcast, and he crushed it. So much so, he will have a semi-regular solo feature for you all going forward!

Enjoy the episode, as Joe walks you through the news of Tech athletics each week. He talks recruiting, he talks about the concerns about the transfers leaving Tech, and more on the basketball front. Should we all be nervous about the situation?

He also talks baseball, what games are sweeps and how can baseball finish strong? Can Tech build off their momentum, and continue to string together pitching performances?

Spring football is coming to a close soon, and Joe talks about the roster as it stands. He gives his players he is looking forward to see take a step forward, and in general the positive momentum of the program heading into year two of the Joey McGuire era.