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Cotton Club Crew Mailbag #5: The portal giveth, and the portal taketh away

Not a great Sunday.

That was a Sunday to forget, both with baseball getting shelled in the finale and with Tyson entering the transfer portal. So, with that being said, you all had questions and Chris had answers!

Chris dives right into the Tyson news, breaking down what Tech has on the roster that could make up for that loss. Who on the roster takes that spot? How does Tech work around the loss schematically?

Then he talks about the baseball road series win. What went right in Norman to allow Tech to pickup a critical road series win? No sweep, but a huge momentum boost. How can Tech build off that?

Next he talks about the heat and rumors around the new basketball staff. Something we talked about Tobias, there is a messaging and information issue with Texas Tech. the fanbase always seems completely unhinged, and also is being fed information they just should not have. Is it alarming the staff has not been constructed and no one has committed? If it is concerning, how concerning is it really? What about the rumor that the staff is not talking to such a key piece until now?

Lastly, he talks about Softball. The Red Raiders took one of three from Baylor, once again pushing a highly rated team but unable to secure a series win. Are the ladies for real? Are they close to the post season?