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CCC’S Big 12 Wrap-Up: #1

Chris and Joe start a new weekend show to bring you the Big 12 news they think you need to know!

Another week, another brand new show in the Cotton Club Crew family. Two familiar voices, Chris and Joe, have a new solo effort!

The guys are talking about the Big 12, giving analysis and takes on the big events impacting Tech’s conference foes.

This week, they bring the news fresh from the Diamond. Who won, who lost, and analysis on what it means for the Big 12 race. Was this weekend just ho-hum, or did we see some surprising results?

Then the guy’s jump to Spring Football news, with the story of Quinn Ewers being named Texas’ starting quarterback definitively. Not surprising in the least, but the guys talk about what this means, what does Arch do now, and how safe is that job?

After that they head to the hoops side of things to talk recruiting. West Virginia is putting together a monster; will they be for real next season? And what is a way too early look at the Big 12 Power Rankings?