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CCC’s Texas Tech Basketball: A week in review

Kendall is starting a new semi-regular show of his own where he talks the last week in Tech hoops.

It has been a fairly busy week for Texas Tech basketball. Multiple key players have announced their returns, though one was not in the portal in the first play. Guess that is just a sign of the times, assume everyone is leaving till told otherwise!

With all that going on, and more, Kendall had an idea to try wrapping this all up for you all! A new, potentially semi-regular, solo show where he brings you all the hoops news you need and more.

Kendall talks about the guys who have announced they are staying home, the new staff, and potential movement on the roster including some targets, and a little Big 12 news.

Give it a listen, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more great content from the Cotton Club Crew! Wreck ‘Em and enjoy a busy weekend on the diamond for Tech baseball and softball as they keep rolling in Big 12 play.