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Cotton Club Crew Presents: Chatting with Tobias Bass

Friend of the show Tobias Bass is back to chat about the wild recruiting world.

We have not done an interview in a hot minute, so we decided to get back to our roots and talk with an old friend of the show. Tobias Bass joined us to talk about recruiting, the NIL era, and the transfer portal.

Something I talk about on the show, listen to the previous interview with Tobias then this one if you want to see some evolution in the discussion. Though, stand alone this interview is a must listen.

We talk about the state of high school recruiting with the portal hotter than ever, we talk about Tech guy’s who may be heading out of Lubbock, basically if you want to know it on the recruiting front we asked it.

Tobias comes with insider knowledge from his experiences in this scene, and be sure to catch his writing over at The Athletic. Or just follow him on twitter, he is always near the front for breaking recruiting news and he is an alum so double win!