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Cotton Club Crew #5: Colorado to the Big 12 (or not?)

This is not a realignment episode.

The name of this episode is a joke for those who were hoping for a big realignment episode. Instead, we spend about five minutes on those rumors.

A late April Fool’s joke. NOW, the actual episode is heavy on the baseball front. We talk the bullpen stars, or the issues therein, and the team’s big heroes. We also talk about the final stretch of the year with Big 12 play heating up and drawing closer to a conclusion.

Next, we talk the news of Jennings returning to Texas Tech. A huge win on the trail for the staff, especially sweet as it was over Virginia. The guys talk about who can Tech retain on the current roster as well, and who may they lose.

To close, a quick discussion on the NIL front. Are we trending towards a dangerous place, or is this just natural before the inevitable paying of the players?

Then we close with the Colorado rumors.