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Cotton Club Crew Mailbag #4: Injuries and Portals

This is going to get hectic.

We have entered a new world, with the portal hotter than ever before. So far, all we know for sure is that Aimaq has decided to transfer. Harmon is pursing his professional dreams as well.

As for everyone else, Jennings and Fischer remain in the portal, with Jennings deciding between Tech and Virginia in a 2019 rematch. KJ and Batcho have also gone portalling, and I would not anticipate either electing to stay.

There are holes on the roster that have to be filled and hundreds of potential options to fill them with. Chris is back with his mailbag, and he talks about this indepth.

He also talks about the growing injury concerns for the baseball team, the rumormongering out of the basketball program, and really what is the difference between indoor and outdoor track.

This is usually a bit of a more tame part of the year, with baseball and softball not yet in crunchtime. But with the portal buzzing, and the Big 12 race heating up for baseball, it will be anything but.