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Hub City Homers #68: Put me in coach

I’m ready to play!

If you don’t know what song I am referencing, well look it up. For the cultured out there, you know what this means it is officially baseball season!

The Red Raiders are back on the diamond, and as a special treat our man Jack Bell has a solo episode heavily focused on that diamond. The Red Raiders will look to return to Omaha after an injury-laden campaign in their previous outing.

Depth is there, the youth is too, and Tech will be looking to rekindle some of that Tadlock magic that has made this squad the toast of the state of Texas.

Finally, FINALLY, we can get to first pitch after a forever wait since the defeat at the hands of the underseeded Fightin’ Irish. Can Tech rebuild without a Jung brother? Will Tadlock finally find that elusive formula to make a push for his national title? It all starts now!