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Hub City Homers #49: Taming the Cougars

Is it crazy to say this is a must win game?

Last week was a romp, but this week the Red Raiders will be tested by a far superior opponent. Top 25 rated Houston Cougars come to town, fresh off a thrilling victory over UTSA.

The guys start by looking at the Murray State game, can any lessons be learned against such an inferior opponent? And how does Tech proceed with Shough sidelined?

Then the guys build on the preview from the preseason of the Cougars, looking at what happened in that 3-overtime game against UTSA. Highlighting the key matchups, breaking down the areas to attack, and giving their predictions.

If you can’t tell by the end of this, the Hub City team is expecting Tech to score a crucial victory over the Cougars. Getting this win with NCState coming up next feels like a big deal, and Tech is positioned to get it done. get to the Jones if you can, be loud, and watch tech Wreck Houston!