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Trash-Talk Thursday: Kansas State

I know, this is a tough one to get it up for but dig deep!

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

We are bringing the hate every Thursday from here on out! A new piece, to get you guys in the mood before each opponent even when you normally may not be able to find the hate yourself.

This week, Texas Tech takes on Purple Kansas. Why should you hate Kansas State? Great question! I know this week is a tough one for Red Raider fans to get the juices flowing for. Same here, which is why I hope this piece does the heavy lifting!

  1. Texas Tech is on a 6 game losing streak to the Wildcats, that should piss you all the way off.
  2. There can only be one successful football Kansas program, and this year it is the Jayhawk’s turn.
  3. Kansas State basketball. ‘Nuff Said.
  4. Kansas State made Texas state championship t-shirts a few years back. Time to repay the favor and sweep the state this year.
  5. Wildcats are a bottom tier mascot.

Most weeks I will be able to come up with even more hate. But this week, I will just get right to the second (and true) purpose of this article. Whoever comments the funniest Kansas State joke, burn, etc. will win a gift card from yours truly! Alternatively, if KSU fans have the funnier jokes one of them gets the gift card. Don’t let them beat us!

Comment your thoughts on Lesser Kansas, wake up the hate baby inside you, and have fun!