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Four Down Territory Recap: Texas Sadhorns

Texas Tech once again owned the Horns, what did we learn?

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech is about to face a fourth straight top 25 opponent, so what did we see in last weekend’s date with a top 25 opponent?

First Down: Donovan Smith can handle this job

I said it last week in the recap, I want Donovan to make me look like a complete idiot. Make every piece of analysis about him seem like a freezing cold take, and just ball out. And he did just that.

You can see Kittley is getting a feel for his quarterback, what he needs to call to allow Donovan to thrive. Donovan for his part is processing what he is seeing far better. He was decisive with his decision making, and trusted himself to make plays. Most importantly HE PROTECTED THE BALL. That will do nicely.

Second Down: Texas Tech may compete for the best defensive unit in the conference

As it stands, the Red Raiders are sitting at 38th in total defense. Each week this unit continues to impress, and I would not be surprised if this team can give the Baylor Bears a run for the top spot.

The first half was ugly, with poor tackling and blown assignments. But with Coach DeRuyter making adjustments, and the guys continuing to fly around, they closed this game out stifling the Horns and their elite backs.

This defense is for real, every week we see more evidence of that fact.

Third Down: Texas Tech has surpassed Texas in major athletics

5-1 in 2022. That is just dominance. Look, Texas may be the deepest athletic department on earth. They have the endless resources to compete with Stanford for that crown. I won’t dispute their success in a lot of sports. Most of which, frankly, no one but them can really afford to invest in.

But when it comes to the Big Three sports (football, basketball, baseball) Tech is moving past the Horns. One program on the rise, the other hurtling towards further irrelevance. You love to see it. With the Horns heading towards a payday and some asswhoopings in the SEC, it’s clear that Texas Tech is positioned to take over this state.

Fourth Down: Coach McGuire outsmarts, outcoaches, and owns Coach Sark

Sark called a game not to lose. He did not adjust to what Tech was doing in the second half, and the Horns gifted Tech on several third downs by jumping offsides.

One sideline never doubted it could win, one sideline only worried about if they were going to lose.

Thank the heavens Joey McGuire came to Lubbock. The analytics telling him to go for it early and often proved to be the difference in the game. He trusts his guys, they trust him, and they believe they can win.

Tech will now be tasked with doing something it has not done in about 10 years, stack success. You don’t have to beat the Wildcats to do that, but if Tech comes out like they did the second half I believe you will.