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Hub City Homers# 52: Stacking success

Another date with a top 25 team ahead for the Red Raiders.

So, we tried to publish an episode with the three man team, but when we got the final product our recording service had butchered the audio. Thankfully, Jack and Kendall were able to save the day and re-record the episode just the two of them.

The episode itself is quite the banger, as the guys dive deep into what went right against Texas. Praising the defensive adjustments and highlighting Smith’s development as a quarterback in this system.

Then they turn to get into the Wildcats. The inconsistent Cats are coming off a huge win of their own and will be looking to do exactly what Tech is trying to. That would be stacking success.

Only one team will actually check that box, and the guys get you ready for the first of two ranked road trips for the Red Raiders. Give it a listen, and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on twitter!