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LOOK: Texas player caught on camera shoving Texas Tech fan

Oh the hypocrisy...

NCAA Football: Texas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Editor’s note: We are adding a disclaimer, the video discussed has been clarified. The player shown was pushed from behind and apologized to the young lady as confirmed by her. We feel the sentiments of the larger point are valid enough to leave for you to discuss and process yourselves. We apologize to the young man and wish him well and peace and quiet.

Oh my how the tables have turned...

Yesterday, a video surfaced of a Texas Tech fan shoving a Texas player, (which is completely unacceptable, by the way.)

Well, that caused Texas fans to loop that one individual with every Tech fan, trying to push the agenda that Red Raider fans are a collective group of animals and that they have the worst environment to send a team to due to the unsafe measures.

Well, lets see if they’re still pushing that narrative, shall we?

This video shows a Texas player very obviously aggressively shoving a Texas Tech fan out of the way, completely unprovoked. Almost like people do stupid things in the heat of the moment, right?

So should we group this one individual player with the rest of the Texas football program? Is that how this works?

My answer is no, but do you see how insane that is?

I’m not gonna sit here and call the entire Texas program classless. I’m not gonna sit here and go off on the entire Texas fanbase, because Tech fans are better than that.

What should happen? Texas needs to release a statement, just as Tech did. They need to condemn this action with punishment. Which they likely will.

But can we please stop pushing the narrative that all Tech fans are just rowdy animals? The player should be punished, just like the fan that shoved a player should be punished. It was a crazy game, and there were a couple idiots who did stupid things. Don’t bunch that with all Tech fans, or all Texas players.