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It’s time to move on from the Texas Longhorns

Nobody needs Texas.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

I understand that lots of folks, myself included, thoroughly enjoy smoking Texas in *insert literally any sport here*.

I understand the economic implications for Lubbock.

I especially understand how much realignment has ruined traditional rivalries in our sport, and trying to avoid that in this situation.

But if you ask me, I would be fine never playing them again. In anything at all. Some of you listened to me talk about this topic right after news came out that OF COURSE Texas lied about their intentions to keep the Texas legislature off their back about scheduling the game.

Yeah, I chose my words intentionally: they lied. CDC can walk it back all he wants, he said what he needed to when news broke of the SEC move to keep the hearings at a minimum. He is a slimy weasel, he will never negotiate in good faith with the other Texas schools. Any deal Tech could strike with a guy of his low character will end badly. Because every deal ever struck with Texas has ended with them blowing up everyone else to make a quick buck they do not need.

Texas has done everything they can to cause as much harm as possible to the Big 12, and more damningly to every other Texas university. They are greedy, arrogant, and they will never act with anyone else’s interests at heart no matter how many actual people get hurt by their actions while the state forks over billions to them due to the broken PUF agreement. Texas fans like to pretend they are the Yankees, people hate them because they are good. No, people hate them because they are just arrogant pricks.

That sounds harsh, there are good and bad people in every fanbase. But if you all have ever listened to Texas fans, am I wrong in saying the ratio of arrogant to decent is horribly skewed the wrong way? They think they are better than you, not just in sports but that your association with Texas Tech immediately makes you less than them.

Just leave them in the past. Let them make their own bed getting walloped in the SEC, time to move out from under that shadow. The growing and passionate Red Raider fanbase doesn’t need them to support the Red Raiders. The Big 12 is looking like the rising third power in college sports, and there are plenty of exciting matchups and new rivalries to grow with people who do view you as their equal and will work with you in good faith.

Nobody needs Texas, it is time to strike out on our own path as a university. I will enjoy the last few meetings, and I am sure the universities will play again in any number of sports. But if they don’t, it is just time to move on and Tech will be better for it.