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Hub City Homers #51: Hate is good

Horns down, ‘nuff said.

Why do I hate Texas? Maybe I have told this story, maybe not but I will tell it again. I did not really hate Texas until about senior year of college. In fact, growing up I rooted for the Horns regularly. My mother was a Texas grad, we grew up hating the Aggies and rooting for Texas and Texas Tech.

However, then I took over Viva twitter duties. Let me be frank folks, Texas fans online completely turned me off that program. There are some good people out there rooting for the Burnt Orange Cows, but there a lot of loud and arrogant assholes too. More so, in my experience, than any other fanbase I have dealt with.

I, being an asshole myself, have found myself fairly regularly dealing with them online. But still, despite this I just went from rooting for Texas to kind of just being neutral towards them. I rooted against them when they played Tech, and largely ignored their games otherwise.

Then, I watched as their arrogance and greed finally nearly killed the Big 12. Then I watched them hire Beard away and gloat, even though we got our revenge watching Tech sweep his cowardly ass.

Now, dear reader and listener, I cannot stand Texas. I cannot stand the constant chest thumping over revenue and TV ratings. I cannot stand comparing themselves to the Yankees constantly. I cannot stand the sheer, maddeningly stupid strutting over the Director’s Cup that only about 4 programs can ever actually win.

I don’t like ‘em, in fact I hate ‘em, and I will enjoy Tech beating the snot out of them on Saturday.

Rant over, enjoy our Texas preview and embrace the hate. They think they are better than you, so pardon the language but fuck ‘em.

Beat Texas, Horns Down for life.