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Hub City Homers #48: The Big 12 slate

Previewing the unfortunate teams doomed to play Texas Tech.

Texas Tech is playing a game in just under 2 days. I repeat, Texas Tech is playing a game in just under 2 days.

Finally, FINALLY, all the talk is over. Finally, the guys will take the field and either succeed or fail.

Finally, we don’t have to do anymore previews. But. . . one last preview for this upcoming season. Due to scheduling we did not have the chance to breakdown more in detail the Big 12 slate.

And honestly, that is a good thing. You ever listened to like a Texas or Baylor pod talk about Tech? Have you ever thought they knew what the hell they were talking about? Of course not, especially during preseason I do not believe anyone but diehard fans and media members for a program have any actual feel for a team.

With that idea in mind, we tried to limit our analysis to what we actually think we know. Once the season is up and rolling, we can start diving into actual tape on the opposition. Enjoy this last preseason preview, and Wreck Murray State!