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Week 3 Big 12 Power Standings: Where are teams sitting heading into the last week of non-conference?

Kansas takes a surprise leap forward and the Red Raiders steadily keep climbing

NCAA Football: Houston at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

In a week where we saw a few Big 12 teams play some big-level competition, we got to have our first true shake-up in the power rankings for 2022. For the first time in awhile, the Kansas Jayhawks are no longer the doormat of the Big 12. I stated last week that I wouldn’t be shocked if they were able to get two conference wins, and now they’ve already got one of them. This week we see a new conference leader, though I’m not sure I am completely sold on them being the best team in the Big 12.

Here’s a refresher of where I had the standings at this time last week:

  1. Baylor
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Oklahoma State
  4. Kansas State
  5. Texas
  6. TCU
  7. Iowa State
  8. Texas Tech
  9. West Virginia
  10. Kansas

In my week 3 standings, the Baylor Bears are the ones who will be taking the steepest drop from where they stood a week ago. While they lost to a good team on the road, the teams that I have ahead of them performed better as a whole.

  1. Oklahoma- W vs. Kent St (33-3)
  2. Oklahoma State- W vs. Arizona St (34-17)
  3. Kansas State- W vs. Missouri (40-12)
  4. Texas- L vs. Alabama (20-19)
  5. Baylor- L vs. BYU (26-20)
  6. TCU- W vs. Tarleton (59-17)
  7. Texas Tech- W vs. Houston (33-30)
  8. Iowa State- W vs. Iowa (10-7)
  9. Kansas- W vs. WVU (55-42)
  10. West Virginia- L vs. Kansas (55-42)

Just by seeing a lot of these early results in the first couple of weeks, I truly think the Big 12 is going to be an absolute dog fight this season. With Baylor losing to BYU, there really isn’t a true number one team in the conference right now in my mind. I have a feeling that my weekly power rankings are going to vary quite often, based on my belief of how much I think these teams are going beat each other up. Outside of Tech @ NC State, here are a few matchups that could have large impacts on how the rankings may end up next week.

Kansas @ Houston


UTSA @ Texas