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Hub City Homers #50: On the road

Can Tech shock the world?

Texas Tech picked up one of the biggest wins of the last ten years at home. No, that is not an exaggeration. Coach McGuire already checked off a major box, now the Red Raiders head on the road to take on the Wolfpack of North Carolina State.

Jack and Macon start by talking about Josh Jung though. What an awesome story, and a great moment for the university to see their guy play for the MLB team most Red Raiders support.

Then they recap the Houston game. Talking about the playcalling, the offensive line woes, Smith’s inconsistency, and the surprisingly dominant defense.

They focus on the lessons learned to be applied forward to the tough road test. Then they wrap up the show by diving into the Wolfpack. We have previewed NCState at length, so this part was updating with what we have seen so far. Lastly, the guys call their shot. Will Tech score a major upset, and shock the world?