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BREAKING: Level 13 Agency puts their money where there mouth is

Texas Tech continues to have fat stacks.

Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

First, football received a generous gift to take their facilities to the top of the nations. Then the Matador Club signed the whole damn team to an NIL deal.

Now, the Lady Raiders have cashed in on the good times in Lubbock with an agreement to be signed by Level 13 Agency. The deal will net each player $25,000, which is extremely important to place into the proper context.

Considering how low the average salaries are, especially rookie deals, in the WNBA this will allow players to maximize their earnings in a frankly overall better environment (better food, support, and facilities). Not to mention, with other NIL deals sure to come the top of the Lady Raider roster will likely be netting money that might even exceed the top of the WNBA.

Can you see the recruiting effect?

Texas Tech fans have been yearning for the women’s team to return to form as a top tier program, this deal might just be the thing to drive them to it.

Texas Tech is just too rich folks. The alumni continue to give their all for the Alma Matter, and the new Big 12 is looking up at their future daddy now. Congratulations to the Lady Raiders, and thank you to Level 13 for your support!