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Hub City Homers #43: NIL in the Desert

TCU really messed around and found out.

Texas Tech remains undefeated on twitter. After the announcement of another huge program investment, another TCU staffer has decided to mess around and find out what tech twitter is all about.

In this episode we talk about that bizarre decision to tweet through it, and then get deep on the NIL debate. We in fact used so much time on our first topics on this varied subject that we are going to need a second episode to cover the other angles we did not have time to get to!

We tried to cover the good and the bad, even of the new Matador Club news. The good being paying the kids what they deserve and significantly helping on the trail, the bad being the grey area these collective operate in. Of course, I and the guys can’t be bothered to be anything more than pumped about the news of the Matador Club, but we tried to be fair and at least discuss the implications!

We closed out covered the baseball draft, with Jack walking through who may be coming back and who tech will unfortunately

be saying goodbye too.