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Day Two of MLB Draft sees more Red Raiders off the board

Three more Red Raiders taken brings total to four before the final day

Texas Tech Athletics

With two days now complete in the 2022 MLB Draft, there have been four Red Raiders drafted by Major League Clubs.

RD 1 PK 12 Jace Jung, 2B, Detroit Tigers

Texas Tech Athletics

Sunday Night, Jace Jung was taken with the 12th pick in the draft by the Detroit Tigers. Jace finishes his career at Texas Tech with a batting average of .328, 39 HRs 147 RBIs and 1.116 OPS. He will leave Lubbock as one of the more decorated players in school history, including 2021 Big 12 Player of the Year, 2021 First Team All-American, 2022 Pre-Season All-American, and 2022 First Team All-American. Jace is the third Texas Tech player to be drafted in the first round (Josh Jung (2019), Donald Harris (1989)).

RD 4 PK 114 Andrew Morris, RHP, Minnesota Twins

Andrew Morris transferred to Texas Tech this past season from Colorado Mesa. The junior finished the year with a 4.58 ERA, an 8-2 record over 88.1 IP, and 91 strikeouts. He won multiple Big 12 Newcomer of the Week awards over the course of the season, and was the Friday Night head of the two headed attack for the starting rotation for the Red Raiders.

RD 5 PK 143 Brandon Birdsell, RHP, Chicago Cubs

The latter part of the two-headed monster was Brandon Birdsell. Birdie spent two years in Lubbock and this season, was a second team All-American. He finished the year with a 2.75 ERA and a 9-3 record over 85 IP and 106 strikeouts. Birdie had multiple Big 12 Pitcher of the Week honors this season and was the 2022 Big 12 Pitcher of the Year.

RD 6 PK 190 Chase Hampton, RHP, New York Yankees

Chase Hampton really came on strong to finish this past season. If you forgot, click that highlight above to show the sophomore striking out a career-high 12 Notre Dame batters in the Statesboro Regional. Chase finished the season with a 4.29 ERA and a 5-4 record. He also recorded 72 strikeouts over 56.2 IP. Hampton sured up that number three starter role late in the year and kept Tech in the Regional against Notre Dame after a ridiculously long rain delay. He was one of my MVP’s for the regional.

Day Three is tomorrow (7/19/22) and I would expect a few more Texas Tech names to either be drafted, or sign free agent deals.

We wish Jace, Andrew, Brandon, and Chase nothing but the best in their pursuit to play in the Major Leagues!