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Hub City Homers #42: Realignment update and Tech has fat stacks

Tech is positioned for the future.

Well, that announcement was just objectively sweet. I am quite tired tonight do I am not going to dive as deep as usual into the episode for this preview, but the moral of the story is Tech is sitting quite pretty.

We start on the realignment front, talking the latest rumors (and lack of actual news). Diving into some more realignment possibilities, the arrogance of Utah fans, and what in the world could the ACC and PAC12 be thinking with another dumb handshake alliance.

After that we break down the future from that angle, we also talk the huge investment to renovate the south endzone. 200 million smackaroos is nothing to sneeze at, so we talk about what all this means for Tech, and in the NIL era is there still value in cash drops like that.

It is a great episode folks, give it a listen! And don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast wherever you listen (Apple, Spotify, hell I think we are even on Google).