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Hub City Homers #35: The transfer portal giveth and taketh away

Basketball recruitin’ news and baseball enters the final stretch.

This past weekend was a pretty insane one for Tech basketball. The TJ news shocked the Red Raiders enough when Michigan players threw a hissy fit on twitter. But then the bombshell was really the McCullar news. Kevin McCullar will not be returning to Tech, but not only that but he may end up with the Jayhawks.

Tech fans reacted to that news in a bunch of ways, so the guys discuss how should people handle transfer portal news. After that Kendall talks roster, the guys who are coming in and where the team is with what we know.

Then, we transition to recapping the weekend in Waco. Two dominant starts then another pitching letdown leads to a Tech series win but not the sweep Tech needed.

All in all, we a rapidly approaching the postseason in baseball and the guys talk where we are, and can the team find enough juice to get past Oklahoma State and finish strong?