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Hub City Homers #33: Tech’s slide continues as the team looks for a spark

A venting session with the guys, and lots of recruiting talk!

If you are the kind of person who just wants to listen to sunshine pumping, listen to the first 30 not the back 45. The first thirty the guys talk a ton of recruiting, looking first at basketball. Who could this mysterious commitment everyone is hinting at? The guys talk about the best case scenarios for the news.

Then they head over the gridiron to talk the #1 rated recruiting class where a new TE from A&M just joined on. While he won’t count towards the 2023 total, it continues a strong surge in recruiting led by head coach Joey McGuire. The guys talk about reasonable expectations for the class to finish, the important of balancing high school recruiting versus transfer recruiting, and look at if the momentum can keep going.

They close out with a long, sometimes quite frustrated talk about the baseball team. I won’t spoil too much, but the coach, pitching, and hitting all take their fair share of criticism as the team continues to reel. If you need to vent over baseball, this one is really for you.