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Hub City #32: A clean sweep but an unsteady bullpen looms large

Can Tech figure out the inconsistent bullpen?

This one may not be for you if you love sunshine pumping. A great series sweep can’t hide the cracks that are looming the bullpen. The guys talk about who needs to step up to take Tech from a top 15-25 team, to legitimately a top 5 team. They point out the success of the bats, the stude 1-2 punch of your weekend stable, and the positives learned against KSU.

Both agree that Tadlock is having the coaching season of his life pushing this team through the turmoil, and that if the cards fall this team should be able to get through to at least a Super. But call it the spoiled children of success, but to go from just being happy to be near Omaha and winning there it’ll take pitching.

So, the guys look at both the series sweep and the disappointment in Amarillo to talk about what can be done to try and settle the one glaring hole in this team that is holding it back. Amid all the frustration is reason for a lot of optimism this weekend, as Tech travels to face a weaker than usual TCU team. The guys talk about what they think on the series, but more importantly what they need to see.