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Hub City Homers #29: Kansas City and Biloxi

Expectations for the Big 12 tournament and breaking down baseball.

The Big 12 tournament, and the automatic bid associated with it, is upon us. West Virginia has opened play knocking off KSU and likely ending Weber’s career. For the Red Raiders, they open play with the Iowa State Cyclones. The guys talk about how Tech should approach beating ISU to start the show.

After that there is a healthy discussion about what Tech must accomplish in the Big 12 tournament to get the right seeding and momentum to setup a long March run. Closing out the basketball talk is some conference wide talk. Is the Big 12 as strong as everyone thinks, or is a March disappointment ahead?

After that, Reed heads off to watch Batman so Jack and Macon talk tons of baseball. Jack recaps the series, and the guys discuss the lessons learned. Afterwards, the guys look at the conference hierarchy, especially debating if anyone can get past the dominant Longhorns.

We will be back hopefully on Selection Sunday with an instant reaction, but if not be on the lookout to an interview with a very special guest coming soon!