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Hub City Homers #28: Basketball heads towards the finish and baseball ramps up

This is March.

Well, I managed to shout myself so horse it took about 4 days to recover my voice after that Tech win in Austin. Then I had to move, so this delay between episodes is fully on yours truly. However, we are back in the nick-of-time to close out basketball’s regular season.

In the last outing, Tech successfully made history as they pulled off the first undefeated home slate in the USA, and the first for the program since 1996. With one game left, where can Tech still get better? Does OSU playing in their final game of the season pose a real challenge? And how does Tech stack up with the other top seeds?

As one sport starts to eye the finish line, another ramps up. Jack walks us through the season so far, sparking discussion on where this team needs to go to keep up the winning. We also talk about how does this team compare so far to the Tadlock teams of previous years; do they have the makings to be as good as the other CWS teams?