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Texas Tech continues to position itself for major athletic dominance in Texas

Unfortunately, the big daddy of the state is the sport lagging behind.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech is on one hell of a run in major athletics (football, basketball, baseball). Tadlock on the diamond has had Tech towards the top of the nation year in and year out. Despite a shaky start to the year, Tech is coming off a series victory over Texas and is once again competing for Regional and Super Regional hosting. And while we are all a bit sore still about Tech’s defeat in the Sweet 16, the basketball program under Mark Adams did not skip a beat. With major talent coming in, there is no fall off in site for Tech.

Now, there is a glaring black spot on this record of success in the major athletic programs. That would be the recent failings on the gridiron. Football is king in this state, and despite Tech’s run of success that sport has embarrassed for over a decade. However, hope is on the horizon.

Joey McGuire closed his first recruiting cycle strong, skyrocketing Tech into respectable territory. And if you haven’t seen next year’s rankings, Tech is wayyyyyyy near the top. He’s brought in an exciting staff on both sides of the ball, and there is talent coming in through the portal as well to fill out the ranks.

I won’t claim victory over the other Texas programs without the crown jewel of football being a success, but after basketball’s success despite all the drama I have hope.

Hope that Tech can finally claim the top spot in all three major sports in the state.