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Hub City Homers #30: How to get from Sweet to Elite

The complete preview of the Sweet 16 and a Texas baseball series primer!

The Sweet 16 is so good, we have another episode on it! Jack and Kendall go over the matchup in detail, giving you the goods on the matchups you need to know before tipoff. Also, as a fun addition we have your primer for the Texas baseball series!

Reeling, but still presumed Big 12 favorites, want to come out strong against the Red Raiders. How is that series going to go? Will tech have enough pitching in the tank to score a critical series win here in the opening of Big 12 play?

Find out in this week's episode! And if you haven’t yet, do yourself a huge favor and listen to the Keenan Evans interview as well. Listen to that, and this episode, and be ready for a crazy jampacked week of Texas Tech athletics. Don’t miss out on any of the goods to get you ready and hyped!