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Hub City Homers: Sweet 16 Special

Keenan Evans joins the show!

This one does not require much introduction, Texas Tech PG legend Keena Evans joins the Hub City Homers to build even more hype for the Sweet 16 battle against the Duke Blue Devils.

Keenan talks his own career, March Madness, and so much Tech hoops. For those who wear the Red and Black, Keenan and that magical 2018 team hold a special place in the heart. That group is largely responsible for setting up all of the success Tech basketball has experienced. And getting a chance to talk to both Norense and Keenan from that group has been a true pleasure.

Your usual host, Macon, is deeply depressed he missed this opportunity. But Jack and Kendall did a great job, and this a can’t miss interview for any true Tech fan. There is nothing better than talking to the guys who actually lived our favorite moments. Thanks to Keenan for coming on, and enjoy!