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Hub City Homers #30: The Madness of March

No more bracketology, only survive and advance.

All season long, the worrying is about seeding. Who gets what seed? Has Tech done enough to move up or lost too much and will be moved down? FINALLY, the hand wringing is over, and we can just enjoy the greatest spectacle in sports.

The most magical playoff in existence is here, and the most difficult to claim the top spot in. The wild moments, the upsets, and the pageantry of college basketball on display.

Tech starts its road to Monday night this coming Friday against Montana State. The Hub City team breaks down that matchup, potential future matchups, and talks the overall brackets.

Including, for those looking for bracket help, their own Elite Eight picks. This paired with the Odiase interview and the multiple writeups done on the Montana State Bobcats will have you ready for the run of a lifetime. Tech will look to return to the height of the sport, and it all starts in just under two days.