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Whatever happens in the Big Dance, Texas Tech exceeded all expectations.

Mark Adams did something almost no one believed was possible.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Undefeated at home for the first time in the United Supermarkets Arena. First time to pull off such a feat since 1996. One of a handful 20 win seasons. Finishing the season with a shot at the Big 12 title, just falling short. Playing in the conference tournament title and going toe-to-toe with the Jayhawks. Sweeping Texas and Baylor, asserting yourself as the state’s best team.

We asked Norense Odiase about what he wants to see in March and his response was essentially: “Everyone wants to make a deep run, but this season is a success no matter what”.

He is absolutely correct in that assessment. I think this team is Final Four good, but one bad offensive drought could cut that short. But if the worst occurs, fans cannot forget what this season means for the program.

When Beard tucked his tail between his legs and scampered off to Austin to continue the mediocrity there, Tech was in disarray. Mark Adams was quickly hired, but the roster and staff had been pillaged.

He rebuilt his staff, bringing in critical experience on offense and recruiting power, and retooled the roster to best run his system. He convinced McCullar and Shannon to stay at Tech, as well as retaining a few other key pieces. He conquered the transfer portal, building an insanely athletic and tough team.

This season could have ended Tech as a relevant basketball program. Times change fast in this sport, one bad season can throw you into a long and torturous rebuild. Instead of suffering that fate, Mark Adams has Tech poised to continue to be a factor in the Big 12 and beyond. He did it despite the odds, despite the disdain for his recruiting abilities and abilities to run a major program. He beat up his old boss, and has everyone in Austin wondering if they got the wrong coach. He did what was asked, he then did so much more and he did it all the right way.

I believe this team can will the whole dang thing, but don’t forget what this group accomplished no matter what happens.