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Hub City Homers: Selection Sunday Special

Hear from someone who did this quite a few times, Norense Odiase!

The Hub City team is back with a great interview for you all to enjoy on this magical day! Norense Odiase joins the guys to talk about his expereinces, his thoughts on the current team, and what he is working on now.

If you haven’t heard Odiase talk about basketball before you’re missing out. He gave us a clear picture of all the goings on as the program transitions to post season basketball. Spoiler: Whoever has that Beard tape I would pay any amount of money to hear it, that had to be a legendary dressing down.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t say how special it is that so many former players still actively promote and love this program. Odiase, Owens, Mooney, Davide, Culver, Evans, the list just goes on and on of guys who has consistently supported and come back to promote the program.

And please subscribe to Mind Bully, link in Odiase’s bio. It’s a great resource for folks battling their own inner demons, or just need some extra motivation.