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Hub City Homers #26: Tech tramples the Longhorns

Relive that night and kick Chris Beard while he is down.

The Red Raiders were bigger, stronger, faster, and all around better coached than the Longhorns. And if you think our guys don’t have some words to say about that, you’re wrong.

In fact, the team slaps around Texas for so long they only had time for some brief thoughts on the Mountaineers. That’s okay though, because Tech should be able to handle the reeling West Virginia squad. Or so the Hub City team believes.

What lessons did we learn about Chris Beard Tuesday night? Where can Tech improve to reach an even higher level? And why isn’t Mark Adams just handed national coach of the year right now?

This was a fun episode to record because of the Texas hate but lost in all the environment and hate was just how good Tech has become this season. The team takes stock and tries to make it clear that Tech basketball is headed for good places.