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Texas Tech gets the last laugh as the Red Raiders crush the Longhorns.

Chris Beard loses his Whataburger rights after that beating.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes reality matches the storybooks. Tonight was one of those times, as an electric crowd watched Texas Tech humiliate Chris Beard’s Longhorns.

Make no mistake about it, Tech was more athletic across the board and the overall better basketball team. They are also better coached, as Mark Adams does not cling to the archaic motion offense that has turned Texas’ roster full of stars into duds. Marcus Carr was most effective when he just didn’t run the offense and drove downhill, if that isn’t an indictment of that system I am not sure what is.

Mark Adams started behind the eight ball, with the world doubting him and the eyes of college basketball turned to watched Chris Beard’s coronation in Austin. Unlike Country CLub Chris, Adams was forced into a scramble and grind mode. Just like Snake Beard, Adams was tasked with assembling a staff and a roster.

Coach Soft had to pick of college basketball’s elite assistants, and the pick of the top transfers. Adams scrapped and fought to keep the team together and added his own transfers.

And tonight, the nation saw what was already apparent based on how the teams had both performed this year, Adams outplayed Beard. Despite every advantage Beard could muster, he has built a roster incompatible with his system. In Lubbock, Adams has a group of kids who have embraced this culture and identity and are thriving.

Beating Texas felt great. Embarrassing Chirs Beard felt better. But what felt best is knowing that for 2 hours tonight, Texas Tech put on the best show in college basketball and Mark Adams deserves all the credit for it.

I’ll close by complimenting the students. The behavior was everything Tech needed to be, and thanks to you and all the other fans Tech put its best foot forward. Well freaking done.

This won’t heal the wounds Beard caused, but once again, Texas does less with more and we can all enjoy that.