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News Flash Longhorns: This game isn’t about you

It’s Chris Beard vs Texas Tech in Lubbock, and don’t think any differently

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Man, what a time to be a Red Raider. Mark Adams has the squad up to #14 and 13-0 at home.

A couple months ago if you told me this is where Tech would be at, I’ve would’ve told you to put the drink down and sober up.

April 1st, 2021. The day that Texas Tech basketball changed forever. Head Coach Chris Beard leaves the program for the biggest rival in the conference.

Not only that, but he tried to take everything he built in Lubbock with him. Coaches, players, computers, you name it. Beard was on a mission to destroy Texas Tech basketball as soon as he left.

You think it wasn’t planned? Waited until the day his buyout dropped to leave. Beard did EVERYTHING he could to screw over this program, but there was one thing that stayed that seems to be the “secret in the dirt.”

That secret was Mark Adams. He didn’t get on the plane, and damn am I forever thankful he didn’t. Mark Adams has single-handedly kept this program together, and made it stronger than ever. The culture, the defense, the success, it was always Mark Adams.

Chris Beard is a snake. No way around it. I understand he went to coach at his alma mater, I can respect that part of it. What he did on the way out, I can never respect and I can never forgive. He tried to take the program that so many have grown to love and support. He tried to straight up burn Texas Tech basketball to the ground.

Beard reportedly told Coach Adams that he wouldn’t get the job and he was “too boring.”

What is about to happen tonight in Lubbock is the farthest thing from boring. Beard is about to walk into the place he tried to destroy and he is gonna feel the wrath of everybody in West Texas.

I keep seeing UT supporters on twitter talking about how they “sell out arenas”, but they can’t seem to sell out their own. What isn’t clicking. Let me break it down for the Shorthorns that can’t seem to figure it out.


And don’t you ever think any differently. This is our program, and we aren’t gonna let the guy that tried to destroy have a nice happy return to the place he called “home” for years. The 806 doesn’t forget, and they never will. I hope Tech wins by 50 tonight and Beard goes back to Austin in tears.