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Hub City Homers: Remembering Mike Leach

Always Swing Your Sword.

College football lost an icon, a legend, and hopefully a future hall of famer in Mike Leach. his impact on the game is enormous, but his impact on Texas Tech may even be bigger. he represented what this program always should strive for, the ceiling of success Tech hopes to reach again and maybe even beyond.

The Pirate was perhaps the greatest offensive mind to walk the sidelines, but more than that he may have been one of the greatest minds to do it period. He was willing to talk about anything, and I mean anything, and never seemed to forget a face.

He coached hard, he loved his teams, and he won constantly in some of the most difficult situations to win in. He will be missed, and the thoughts and prayers of all of Viva the Matadors and the greater Red Raider community are with his family and friends in this time.

You did it Coach, you swung that damn sword.