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Hub City Homer #53: Xerox U up next

Can Tech find a way to snag an upset on the road?

We are back to talk Texas Tech football once again, as the schedule continues to be an absolute monster. Following a tough loss on the road against the Kansas State Wildcats, Texas Tech heads back on the road to challenge the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Two of the Big 12’s best back-to-back on the road? Almost seems a bit unfair.

The guys talk about what went down in the Little Apple, breaking down the root cause of the road woes. From the struggles with the QB, to the playcalling struggles, to the busts on big plays.

This episode dives in deep into the QB discussion, but don’t forget losses are never any one player’s fault. They are cumulative effort of a team and coaching staff. Lots of folks made mistakes, and the guys break down how they can avoid making them again.

Then, they transition to looking at the Cowboys. Oklahoma State is coming off their first actual challenge of the year, taking down the Bears on the backs of a strong defensive performance. Can Texas Tech get a top 25 win on the road?