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Hub City Homers #25: Cry Havoc

and let slip the dogs of war.

I hate Chris Beard, no parsing words there. He deserves every ounce of hate Lubbock can muster.

With that much hate, we decided to split Texas out almost entirely into a separate episode to give our full thoughts on this matchup. We do briefly touch on the Mississippi State game, but the vast majority is spent talking Texas.

The Hub City team is very confident in a Red Raider victory, but they break down the areas of concern and what Tech has to do to avoid an upset. Also, a quick comment is made on the role of fans in this game and the overall environment. Spoiler alert: We all know what the line is, otherwise hate away.

In this critical matchup, where should you be looking for Tech to take Texas to task? Where could Texas try and go to make this a competitive match?

All this and predictions contained within. This is a capital E Explicit episode; you are so warned.