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Hub City Homers #12: That was not fun

The guys try to make sense of the disaster in Austin and preview West Virginia

Matt Wells is seriously wracking up some of the worst performances in Texas Tech history. The “defensive” performance in Austin might have been the worst of all time, if not it was right up there at the top.

The guys try their best to explain what happened in Austin, and who should Tech fans blame. Then the real fun begins, discussing what is next for the program. Serious questions are coming if Matt Wells cannot finally turn the program around. Not just about his fate. but about Kirby Hocutt’s fate as well.

Honestly, the guys spend so much time on Tech they barely had time to talk West Virginia. As you might have guessed, none of the guys feel anywhere near as confident about Tech’s ability to beat a QBless West Virginia squad as they might have after last weekend.

All in all, that was really not a fun one and almost as hard to talk about as it was to watch.