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Texas Tech football fans deserve better

Change needs to happen in Lubbock and it needs to happen fast.

NCAA Football: Florida International at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech football has been extremely below average for years and changes need to happen for this program.

Before I really start, I am not vying for Matt Wells or any of his staff to be fired, but more stating that changes within the culture need to happen, I’ll let you guys discuss whether Wells is the guy for this job.

Does Texas Tech have the greatest football history ever? Obviously not, but what has happened over the past couple years and not making a bowl game since the 2017 Birmingham bowl is pathetic.

Tech has watched countless power 5 programs grow to new heights in this span, but one I want to compare it to is Iowa State.

A fellow Big 12 program, Iowa State has grown into the national spotlight under coach Matt Campbell and it makes me wonder, why can’t Texas Tech do that?

Iowa State does not have a huge market in Ames, Iowa. I can attest to this because I am from the state of Iowa. ISU isn’t even the biggest program in its own state, yet the past couple years they’ve been able to recruit in develop just as good as anyone else in the country.

The Cyclones have built just a phenomenal culture under Campbell. Breece Hall last year had a fantastic quote after a win over Texas stating: “five star culture versus five star players”. That’s all I ever needed to hear to know why they’ve been able to build what they have in Ames.

In my opinion, Matt Wells has not gotten that culture there yet. Big game after big game Matt Wells’ teams have struggled to get going. I can understand coming out slow against FCS schools or low major schools, but when we can’t get up for a game against Texas? That’s a problem.

Yes, coaching and play calling has been a major issue, and will continue to be, but the best programs start with culture, and the Texas Tech football programs culture is awful in my eyes.

Coaches and players have asked fans to fill the Jones and they have, only to see the disappointment that was the SFA game.

This upcoming game against WVU is going to show a lot about the program of this team. Tech fans need to see this team come out and win in Morgantown, just to bring some hope back for this season. A win against WVU can help save this season and save coach Matt Wells, but a loss puts you in a position that Techs been in far too often recently.

Tech fans have been waiting for something to cheer for. Fans WILL show up if you give them a reason. Tech fans will support you when there is improvement. Earn that respect. Go beat West Virginia, and I guarantee fans will show out for that TCU game.

Texas Tech football has the facilities and the resources to be a great program. Use them. Give the fans a reason to believe in this team. Another showing like the Texas game, and next week there is going to be a lot of questions for the future of this program, and possibly more than that.