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Trash Talk Thursday: Cougar High

Trash talking the state’s little brother.

Photo by Travis Tustin/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Game week is the time to try out a new piece, so here we go! Trash Talk Thursday is a time I will get all the things I think about a school in one place for everyone to consume and enjoy. Week one we have the Houston Cougars up to face my somewhat clever wrath. Here is the comprehensive list of reasons we should all laugh at UH:

  1. Cougar High.
  2. Phi Slama Jama was never a cool nickname.
  3. Dana Holgorsen tried to tank as a college football coach.
  4. Houston is both hot and humid, sucks for everyone living there.
  5. Their best players are all former Texas Tech players, so even if they win this weekend Tech still wins.
  6. The cougar is not a top three cool cat.
  7. They are the fourth most popular college team in their own city.
  8. They really want you to think their SWC days matter, they do not.
  9. Ed Oliver was basically unblockable, and they wasted him.
  10. Tech is 9-1 against them in the last ten meetings, which includes some bad Tech teams.

I am tapping out at ten reasons here, caring anymore about UH is just too difficult. WRECK HOUSTON.