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Hub City Homers #8: Game Week

Finally it is time to take on Houston!

After the longest offseason in the history of forever, the season has returned. Why was this offseason so long? Because this is the make-or-break year of the Matt Wells era! Waiting for this week to get here has driven us mad, with realignment making the symptoms even worse.

In the 8th episode of the best Tech podcast around the guys finally get to preview the Houston Cougars. Unfortunately, that good time is partially interrupted to talk the latest new on realignment. More unfortunately, Kendall has the same Wi-Fi quality as the Old West so there were some technical difficulties on his end.

But Jack and Macon kept the show rolling with a great discussion culminating in our game predictions. I don’t want to spoil anything but the entire team was feeling very confident in Tech’s chances to come out on top. Game week is here, time to get hyped as we all wait for Saturday at 6!