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Hub City Homers #7: Realignment Part 2 and OFF/DEF Preview

The guys put realignment to bed, for now, and take a look at both sides of the ball!

Another episode we set out to keep under an hour, another hour long jam packed discussion! In our seventh episode we put realignment to bed, at least until there is more concrete news out there. Seriously, we could speculate for eons but until there is a substantial report with some clear idea of the Big 12’s next move or what Tech is scheming we are going to move on.

And move on we did, finally getting into the meat of the football previews we have planned. We talk both sides of the ball, focusing specifically on what units have the biggest marks and what units will be the biggest surprises. Being the homers we are, the episode is extremely optimistic.

However, we are just a few weeks out now so this is the time for optimism! Let’s all get hyped as we head into the make-or-break season for Matt Wells and his staff. Wreck em!