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Battle for the Matador Cup

Meet the 2021 Viva the Matadors Fantasy Football teams

Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

We are FINALLY nearing the start of football season. Not just any football season, but the make-or-break year for Matt Wells. Not just that, but also a critically important year for Tech to make itself attractive to other conference suitors. With everything on the line this season, the Viva staff decided to do battle as well, just on the virtual gridiron.

Each staffer drafted a team from the pool of available Big 12 players, and now these teams will join the virtual battlefield to lead their staffer to victory or failure. Every staffer drafted one QB, one RB, two receivers, one flex, and a defense. Order was randomly determined, and we used a snake draft system with six total rounds of picks being made.

Originally, these teams were just going to be theoretical teams to be talked about. But being the competitive monsters we are, we actually are matching up throughout the season to decide the winner of the coveted (and new) Matador Cup. Here are the teams!

The author of this post does not want to show any bias, but doesn’t Macon’s team look spectacular? Man, he must be the clear favorite.

Curious what order we picked? Look no further than right here!

Who do you think will take the cup?