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Thank you, Pumpjack Mentality

Coach Cumbie and this staff changed the program for the better.

Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Matt Wells’ staff found out with nearly half the season left that they were out of work next season. They had to immediately start looking for another gig to provide for their own families, and nobody would have been that surprised if they checked out a bit in the process.

Instead, this staff did the opposite. Led by the interim headman Sonny Cumbie, this staff injected a new culture and sense of pride in Texas Tech football. West Texas and the Pumpjack became the rallying cry for a city and fanbase desperate for something to believe in on the gridiron.

Last night, with all of the staff already having to plan for other jobs especially Coach Cumbie, Tech was a 10 point underdog. Instead of checking out when they had every reason to, the staff made this bowl game all about the kids. Bowl games at their best are a reward for a hard fought season, one last chance for glory but most importantly a celebration for the team.

Tech’s outgoing staff embraced that idea, coached their butts off, and never stopped working to give these kids the experience they had earned.

Through all of the ups and downs of the Matt Wells era, last night was the crowning achievement for the staff. A moment that has the potential to launch incoming Coach McGuire’s fortunes into the stratosphere.

These men deserve our gratitude and respect, Wreck ‘Em for life Coach Cumbie, Coach Patterson, and all the coaches and staffers who kept this train rolling!