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The ninth day of Texas Tech-mas - Pom Squad national championship

Our ninth look at a significant Texas Tech moment from the year 2021 in 12 days of Christmas style

Texas Tech Pom Squad win double national championship
Texas Tech University

On the ninth day of Texas Tech-mas, my Red Raiders gave to me...

The Texas Tech Pom Squad earned a double national championship. Well, the only thing better than a national championship is a double national championship. Two national championships in one trip.

The Tech Pom Squad traveled to Daytona Beach, Florida earlier this year and competed in the, and get ready for this because it’s a long name, National Cheerleaders Association & National Dance Alliance Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championships. The Pom Squad took home first place in the jazz division and the pom division to earn two national championships in one trip.

This is the first time the Tech Pom Squad earned double national titles since, well, just three years prior in 2018 also in the jazz and pom divisions. They have now earned six national titles. All titles have been earned under the guidance of dance coach Erin Alvarado who is the first full time dance coach Tech has hired.

Alvarado has been most impressive, (insert Darth Vader voice) most impressive indeed. Tech Pom Squad has earned three titles each in the jazz division and pom division. Here is the list of national championships earned:

  • 2017 Jazz
  • 2018 Jazz
  • 2018 Pom
  • 2019 Pom
  • 2021 Jazz
  • 2021 Pom

This team works so hard to help provide spirit to the gameday atmosphere and other related events. Tech is fortunate to have such a dedicated team. They are precise, they are skilled, they are relentless, and let’s face it, they are pretty darn fabulous if we’re being honest.

I’m proud to be able to take this day and moment to celebrate the double national championships earned in 2021 by the Tech Pom Squad. They are integral to the college experience and we salute their dedication to service the Tech fanbase.

This is the ninth of my 12 article series of great moments from Texas Tech during this year. We are closing in on the final days with only three left. These are in no particular order so it is not intended to be seen as a ranking. I just wanted to treat each moment as its own and give them their due respect. I hope you enjoy this series modeled in the spirit of the 12 days of Christmas.