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Coach McGuire puts the Big 12 on notice

Coach McGuire and company build a monster class in a hurry.

Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images

Texas Tech had been recruiting buddies with the Campbell Camels, or a six commit Washington state class. Ranked sub-80 in the national rankings under Wells, Tech looked like they were going to continue a long stretch of high school recruit futility. I will note, had Wells been retained Tech likely would have continued just hammering the transfer market.

But the obvious flaw in this strategy is you never have enough talent on the bench to build a steady winning program. Every year is a rebuild year and you don’t generate much buzz in high school ranks because you aren’t putting the effort in to get those kids excited.

Enter Coach McGuire.

With no staff for most of his two months, McGuire has shot Tech’s class out of a cannon up into the top 40 range. After completing his staff, a squad full of recruiting killers, Tech flipped commitments from multiple power five programs.

Poor TCU in particular was slapped around a bit by this staff, as their former DL coach worked his existing relationships. McGuire just sent a shot across the bow of the Big 12 that even with Tech in year forever of a rebuild, he can recruit to Lubbock.

Overall Class Grade: A-

The only flaw in this class, and one Coach McGuire admitted, was the need for even more OL talent. This is why I expect Tech to attack the transfer portal hard to add at least two guys to upgrade that group for the immediate season. They have two clear targets, one from WKU and one from New Mexico, that look like the most likely canidates.

However, the staff recognized how thin the defensive talent pool was about to be and loaded up with high end talent. This is a deep class, and one full of undervalued kids with tons of potential.