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Relationships and passion will define the new era of Tech football

Joey McGuire arrives with a boom.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Only having less than one day Joey McGuire’s belt he reeled in three recruits, all of whom had offers for great school such as USC and ASU. He started his introductory press conference by cranking the energy up using a Raider Power chant. His exact words were “I will die at Texas Tech”. He won those recruits with the strength of his reputation and relationships, and he brought the thunder to Lubbock through his passion.

Joey McGuire has never been a head coach at the college level, he has not even been a coordinator before. Those facts mean this hire has a high risk factor. But in one day, McGuire showed why he beat out the host of other coaches who had competed for this job.

He has made clear from the jump, his passion for this program will never waver. He is a man who is beloved by all because his priority is building relationships. Relationships he leverages to motivate his players and get new ones to sign on.

His coordinator hires will be critical, but once again McGuire made clear that if there is a guy who can’t build the relationships to the standard he sets they will not set foot in Lubbock.

Matt Wells had zero inroads into the Texas high school scene. Kliff Kingsbury was aloof and reserved. McGuire is the exact opposite of both, and that balance of his energy with the relationships he has painstakingly cultivated through being his authentic self will help heal a tired and battered program.

For a program desperately needing a savior, McGuire only has one thing to say: Let’s Goooooooo!