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Another no-show performance as the Sooners annihilate the Red Raiders

Offense doesn’t get anything going and fall behind quickly as Oklahoma shows how dominant they can be

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve seen this one before haven’t we?

The offense forgets to show up until it’s too late while the Sooners poured it on Texas Tech and beat them 52-21. There’s not much to highlight here as we just simply didn’t show up and had no way of getting back into this one with Henry Colombi at quarterback.

The grades will surely reflect this performance, and even though we ended up scoring 21 it was most when the game was out of hand.

Quarterbacks: D

This grade is mostly a reflection on Henry Colombi’s performance as the starter. He has unfortunately shown why he was clearly levels beneath Tyler Shough and possibly not even as good for the job as Donovan Smith or the other guys. I will give him credit, I love the way that he looks for the deep shot and likes to take chances. He just has been too inconsistent and unable to put together the performances that we need from him in order to stay in these kind of games.

Donovan Smith came in and looked much better, unfortunately he was already in a hole and really had to throw the entire time and the defense knew that. He should be the starter coming out of the bye and give us the best chance to get at least one more win and extend our season, which would do a lot for this team.

Running Backs: C+

This group did nothing special as the touches were fairly even and the only real production was the one-yard touchdown to end the game by Xavier White. We were in a hole early and there was no reason to try and establish the run because it would’ve just taken time off of the clock.

As the bye week approaches, I would like to see this group take a step forward and become more reliable with the football. While we have seen them make plays, it always seems to be when the game is either lost or just not early on when you would like to see them set the tone.

Wide Receivers: A-

This group showed off its depth and made some big plays when they had opportunities to. The quarterback play was to blame for the lack of production, but they made the most of what they had and for that I am proud of this group. With the game being out of reach early, the defense obviously knew that they had to pass, so there weren’t too many windows to fit the ball in for these guys.

I was happy to see EZ make such a great catch early on to at least help get us on the board early. Seeing J.J. Sparkman get in the end zone was also a good sign that these young guys are starting to get it. Hopefully with a change at quarterback this group can get going faster, especially with the defense having to worry about Smith’s dual-threat ability.

Tight Ends: C+

Only combining for three catches isn’t really what you want to see from this group. They’re often quiet in games and not really utilized to the best of their abilities, which could be because of the play-calling as well as the quarterback play.

With Smith likely to be the guy taking snaps going forward, he should be looking for these guys at a much higher rate than they have been.

Offensive Line: C+

While this group didn’t allow a sack, they just didn’t get enough going on the ground to warrant a grade higher than a C+. Oklahoma doesn’t have a dominant defense, yet this group made it seem like they were some sort of force up front that they couldn’t handle.

With the bye week coming up, hopefully these guys can find the starting five that they will use going forward and try to have that group play at a much more consistent level.

Coaching/ Game plan: C-

Obviously this was the first game without Matt Wells, but the guys just came out flat. The play calling wasn’t any better than it has been and clearly Oklahoma was just the better team.

With the bye week coming up I hope to see us improve on offense and find ways to move the ball downfield. I would like to see the screen game used a little bit more as it seems like we’ve completely gone away from it compared to last year when all we seemed to run was screens. We also need to use our backs to our advantage and take use their skillsets in the passing game as well.